Boys Over Flowers#20 Limited period couple

Tsukushi and Domyoji were to be a couple for two months only.


Boys Over Flowers#19 Saturn necklase

The distance between Tsukushi and Domyoji is also rapidly approaching!


Boys Over Flowers#18 Domyoji’s exclusive?

Tsukushi suddenly had to live alone.


Boys Over Flowers#17 Shigeru Typhoon attack come

Tsukushi is asked by Shigeru to support his love affair with Domyoji...


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#16 The Iron Woman came out!!

Tsukushi is invited to Domyoji's birthday, and finally meets Tsukasa's mother! Tsukushi's weed spirit melts at the cold treatment of the poor...! 


Boys Over Flowers#15 Betrayal and Reward

Tsukushi was shocked to learn that everything was done by Junpei.


Boys Over Flowers#14 Getting on a paper plane

I want to fly out of this school on a paper plane ---?


Boys Over Flowers#13 The boy who brings disaster

Tsukushi and her group enjoy traveling abroad, but ...


Boys Over Flowers#12 Quite hard to understand

Tsukushi missed 1 million yen, but won 300,000 yen in the special jury prize.
The remaining 700,000 yen I borrowed was told by Domyoji to "buy Christmas for that amount" and I decided to go on a date…


Boys Over Flowers#11 Act as you want

Tsukushi is planning to participate in an event to decide the best female high school student in Japan, aiming for a prize of 1 million yen, but everyone recommends not to participate.
Among them, only Tsukasa pushed his back…


Boys Over Flowers#10 Painful decision

Volume 10 features SMakino hears his feelings from Kim, but ...

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Boys Over Flowers#09 The common people’s friend…

Financial troubles weigh heavy on the Makino family as Tsukushi's father is out of a job. A new boy enters the scene! He is a bit of a nut, but is determined to help Tsukushi.