Boys Over Flowers#10 Painful decision

Volume 10 features SMakino hears his feelings from Kim, but ...

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Boys Over Flowers#09 The common people’s friend…

Financial troubles weigh heavy on the Makino family as Tsukushi's father is out of a job. A new boy enters the scene! He is a bit of a nut, but is determined to help Tsukushi.


Boys Over Flowers#08 Fierce fight!3on3

Volume 8 features
Tsukushi and Rui Hanazawa confront Tsukasa with basketball so as not to withdraw from school!


Boys Over Flowers#07 Invisible wall

I'm going on a date with my favorite Rui Hanazawa ...


Boys Over Flowers#06 Balance of mind

Volume 6 features
the distance to Domyoji is getting shorter, but I'm curious about the appearance of Rui returning from Paris...


Boys Over Flowers#05 Sakurako’s trick

Volume 5 features
begins to show the true appearance of Sakurako.


Boys Over Flowers#04 Out of my league

Volume 4 features Shizuka left on her Journey.


Boys Over Flowers#03 A night fever in Atami

A romantic and sad night story experienced in Atami
Rui and Shizuka spend time alone together


Boys Over Flowers#02 Love Storm

Rui Hanazawa's childhood friend Shizuka Todo and Tsukushi's childhood friend Kazuya Aoike.


Boys Over Flowers#01 Declaration of War (The second part of a two-part series)

The second half story of Volume 1 is about Tsukushi, who slightly begins to be attracted to Rui Hanazawa.


Boys Over Flowers#01 Declaration of War (The first part of a two-part series)

The first part of Volume 1 is the story of Tsukushi getting the annoying red tag at Eitoku Gakuen highschool.

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Boys Over Flowers#Prologue

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